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Rudeboy Focus Mp3 Download

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Focus,” tunnels into the irreverent feeling of joy that has powered his run post-2019 with mid-tempo production and a staggered chorus that sees him describe the things that he wants at this particular point of his life, asking for a drama-free existence as he navigates his wider life and business in the public’s eyes. The R&B-tinged track dulls the edge of his more boisterous previous hits but doubles down on relatability and a serene feel that is geared at achieving his dreams.

Ahead of another album as a single artist, Rudeboy offers a scenic portent into the linear joys of his life, transforming his domestic wishes into a danceable song whose unhurried flow matches his creative freedom to a tee.

Intro :
lord have mercy x 2 yeah
Gimme the lighter me gwan choke up and hook up with piper
the reason why I no dey like to fight ah cos I dey focus focus focus focus
Cos am a survivoir am getting busy and am chasing paper
no time for busy body I don soji hyper I dey focus focus focus focus
Verse hook :
They said she said that I said, while you keep talking am getting paid
They said she said that I said, I don’t give a damn at all
Me no want no drama me no like wahala
me just wanna catch me fun gimme the lighter to smoke up for corner x 2
(That’s why me say)
Again again again again na dem dem again again again I no send dem
again again again again na dem dem I dey mind my business I dey do my business x 2
Verse 2:
I be over sighter I see the vision looking very brighter
no matter what me do them go criticize ah, but I dey focus focus focus focus
So if u wan blow (focus ) u wan choke (focus) and if wan know the place u wan go
(but in case you don’t know almighty don show) so focus focus focus focus yeah

(Repeat verse hook )

(repeat chorus)

(Repeat verse hook )

(repeat chorus)

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