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Below is the individual biography to each of them;

Joefes aka Mr. Nun:
His father cherished the name Joe, a movie star he adored he had to name him.
Joefes a rebranded version of Joe goes by the name Joseph Getugi, he lived in Kisumu for a while. Joefes met Iphoolish through high school ‘funkies’ where they established a bond; ‘musical chemistry'.
In 2017, he signs up with Black Market Records who have been nurturing him ever since. Together with Iphoolish and Fathermor, the three make a deadly trio, a perfect combo.

iPhoolish aka
“We’ve got to be international until each one of us becomes a household name, we won’t stop.” The Fresh Prince of Kisii, I assume was derived from the sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will Smith stars is originally from Kisii. Mike Makori started as an SDA entertainer. He exclusively began his career in the limelight in 2009 where he dropped his first single unexpected arrival. Iphoolish started as a hip-hop artist with beats like ‘she shines’ and ‘naira bas’ and later gaining recognition by Black Market Records in 2018. The journey has not been the same ever since.

‘Unaskia beat unatetema…..’
And so he holds his head like, you really have to shake because this beat is fire.
This is the ‘hook master’. Fathermor was born in Nairobi. His identification names are Joseph Otieno Ojwang. On regular days, I picture him to be an actor or some sort of entertainer. He joined the crew in 2019 completing the triangle and has been shining ever since. Apart from having a secretive life, he really is funny.
Collectively, the three have managed to make Wagithomo a favourite to many people. I should not even start on Shamra Shamra because every Kenyan cringes at the mention of this banger. Together the crew have managed to be the first gengetone group to perform outside Kenya alongside Jose Chameleon and other great artists. They have also performed alongside Dj Maphorisa on his tour concert in Kenya. Black Market records prides in nurturing this young ones through out their musical journey.

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