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Kwadede Kwabena Mp3 Download

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Kwadede .
Kwadede Kwadede
Kwadede Kwadede !!

Odo yewu ee makoma dofo
Bra beda minkyen nne
Medo bra minkyen nn3

Manti wonka nti maye loner
Baby maye loner
Maye loner .

Baby Nobody can take your place
Nothing can replace
Things you do to me

You Dey blow my mind oo
Atia donko
Kashi masha bo foto
I go Do crazy things to you .

Odo medo ne woara
M’atwere wodin makoma so oo
Wod) no mator atua aka oo
Matua ka oo.

Kwadede Kwadede 4*

Bokor, odo yenko no bokorr
Miba wonkyen na kom di miaa
Fa mame borkor.

bekor, mini Wo mienu berko
Awor di mi na miho kyiri miaa
Wai mami borkor.

All you got to understand
This no be one night stand
Baby mewo permanent plans

All you got to understand
This no be one nightstand
Mewo permanent plans
Permanent plans.

Madi soja akye
Afiyi meware
Endo yewue
Endawoso enne.
Kwadede Kwadede

Assistant Director - TOGBE GAWUA
Production Manager - Mickey O. Berko
Director Of Photography - Daniel Attoh

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